Touring Consumption 2013

If you read this message over your phone or computer, you will find that the layout changes to accommodate mobile and tablet technology, that the looming text on your computer appears a little intimidating. Emergent spaces need to be reconsidered, as in our understanding of contemporary notions of leisure, travel and tourism and how this relates to text and/as practice, mobilities and/as performance. The aim of ‘Touring Consumption’ is therefore to explore traversing material cultures and the embodied ways in which they are consumed, and consuming in the everyday through interdisciplinary and critical approaches.  See Conference Outlines for more details.

One thing you might notice is the low cost of this conference, especially for presenters. Our intention is to provide an accessible stage for academics including graduate students, practitioners, university partners, friends and ‘strangers’ to use this space for dissemination, experimentation, feedback, networking and other sociabilities. The idea is to stimulate a reflexive dialogue that incorporates creative, critical and cross-disciplinary insights, of which a selection will be published in the Journal of Consumer Culture in 2015  and our book series, Management-Culture-Interpretation.

We look forward to meeting you here at the Touring Consumption 2013 conference (24th-25th October) in Karlsruhe. Should you wish to go off the beaten path, please join us for the opening reception on the evening of 23rd October, and on 26th October, we will ‘cross the border’ into France for Tarte Flambée and a stroll in Strasbourg.

Your conference co-chairs Prof. Dr. Desmond Wee, Prof. Dr. Stephan Sonnenburg and the TC2013 Team