Jørgen Ole Bærenholdt


“Experiencing the Enchantment of Place and Mobility” - preliminary title

Jorgen is Head of Department and Professor of Human Geography at Roskilde University, Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change (ENSPAC), Roskilde University. He belongs to the Space, Place, Mobility and Urban Studies (MOSPUS) Research Unit. His interdisciplinary efforts include research into how societies become organized spatially and into tourism experience, cultural heritage and design. Both fields are into mobility studies. Among his books in English are ‘The Reflexive North’ (edited with Aarsæther, Nord, 2001), ‘Performing Tourist Places’ (with Haldrup, Larsen and Urry, Ashgate, 2004), ‘Space Odysseys’ (edited with K. Simonsen, Ashgate, 2004), ‘Coping with Distances, Producing Nordic Atlantic Societies’ (habil. Thesis, Berghahn, 2007), ‘Mobility and Place’ (edited with Granås, Ashgate, 2008) and ‘Design Research’ (edited with J. Simonsen, Büscher and Scheuer, Routledge, 2010). You can see the full publication list here.