Ammalia Podlaszewska

“Planning for the attractive places: Urban tourism as catalyst for socio-cultural and spatial transformation in the city.”

This paper focuses on the theme of city attractiveness in the era of inter-urban competition
beyond the geographical boundaries. It encapsulates the period after the state of turmoil in the early 2000’s, when urban transition has caused what has frequently been called…Read more

Rizky Suci Ammalia Podlaszewska is a researcher and PhD candidate at Bauhaus University of Weimar, Germany and a member of Bauhaus Research School. She obtained her BA at Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia and later accomplished her MSc in Urban Studies at Bauhaus University of Weimar. Her primary research interest involve in the intersection of urban transformation and city attractiveness  within the socio-cultural analysis of urban development in post-colonial era by addressing issues influenced by urbanization and globalization.