Christian Stiegler

“Travel Tunes: The relationship between travel experiences and music”

“The 100 greatest songs for the road”, “The best ever travelling music playlist”, “Travel songs for hostel backpacker” – the list of strategies for including music into performing travel, mobility and journeys is endless. May it be specifically for the road trip on Route 66… Read more

Christian is Professor of Media Management, Consumer Culture and New Media at the Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe, Germany. He is also Head of the Degree Program International Media and Communication Management at the Karlshochschule and Head of the Specialization “New Media” in the Master’s Program “Management”. After he studied at the University of Vienna/Austria and the University of Cambridge/UK he worked several years as a Journalist in TV, Radio, Print and Online and was Lecturer with the area of expertise of Media Sciences, Media Dramaturgy, New Media, Literature Studies and Cultural Theory. He is especially interested in Media Reception, Media Realities and Popular Culture. Among his books in German are “Horror und Ästhetik” (2008) and “Vergessene Bestie” (2007), the latter being currently translated into English for revised edition.