Christopher Howard

“Touring to the village where no roads go: performative authenticity, consumption and the  utopian imaginary in contemporary Himalayan travel”

Based on a mobile, multi-sited ethnography conducted in 2011 in Nepal and Northern India, and a phenomenological approach, this paper explores how the performative, consumptive practices and narratives of travelers reveal broader socio-historical and recent cultural… Read more

Christopher has an interdisciplinary background in history, philosophy, linguistics and anthropology. His recently submitted doctoral thesis in social anthropology was based on an ethnographic study of contemporary western travellers in the Himalayan region. This research stemmed from more general interests in mobility, globalization and contemporary spirituality in relation to modernization processes. Presently, Christopher is teaching ‘Bridging the Social Sciences’ at Massey University, Auckland. Along with anthropological and social theory, he is interested in phenomenology, the body, technology and ecology.

Christopher has been awarded with the “Karlshochschule Mobilities Grant“.