Eirini Daskalaki

“Intercultural communication and customer service in the hotel industry at the three, four and five star categories of global hotel groups”

This paper describes a research project investigating the presence of intercultural
communication within the hotel industry in UK at the three, four and five star categories of global hotel groups and reviews hotel employee’s familiarity with cultural issues… Read more

Eirini holds her BA degree in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Athens and she continued her studies with her MA in Intercultural Business Communication at the University of Central Lancashire.

At present she is a postgraduate researcher in the University of Glasgow in the School of Education and she belongs to the Research and Knowledge Transfer Group of Culture, Faith and Creativity. Her doctoral thesis examines the role of culture in the hotel industry, aspects of intercultural competence, training and language issues during customer service from hotel staff. Her supervisors are Professor Alison Phipps and Lecturer Hazel Crichton.

Among her other research interests is the interrelationship of intercultural communication with socio-cultural phenomena as globalization, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism and consumer behaviour which have formulated new trends in contemporary hospitality.