Erica Liu

“Building MINDSPACE Theory into Place Making for Mega Event Tourism”

When planning for mega event tourism such as the Olympics, cities reorder public spaces and arenas often with a long term vision – legacy. This vision expresses the role of the event in achieving the desired future and goals of the hosting city. The planning… Read more

Erica is currently the programme leader of BA (Hons) Interior Architecture & Design in the University of Hertfordshire.  Before joining the University, Erica was an interior and exhibition designer in the Far East for over 10 years.  Erica continued her profession in the UK and obtained a PhD in Cultural Studies.  She is keen to support young people and women in getting a career in the construction industry and acts as a consultant for the Pinkspiration Social Enterprise.  Erica advocates multi-disciplinary collaboration and her projects have won 19 national awards.  Erica is the external examiner for two university degree courses and the internal examiner for PhD examination.  Her research projects include place branding and vernacular practice in architecture.