Fernando Pena Lopez

“Protecting the European Medical Tourist: A New Challenge for the EU Law?”

Medical tourism is not a new issue. Patients have travelled to be medically treated to other countries for centuries. Originally, such tourism was normally oriented to holidays at European spas. During the 20th century, as communications and travel conditions  improved… Read more

Fernando Peña is Professor of Private Law at the University of A Coruña. His research activity has been mainly dedicated to the European and Spanish Consumer Protection Law and the Law of Torts. As a member of the University of A Coruña Research Group on Consumer Protection he has been publishing papers concerning different topics within this area of Law for more than ten years. The most representative result of his research group activity in terms of knowledge transfer is the comprehensive volume, «Consumer Claims» (3rd. Edition 2010), which is one of the most consulted legal books about consumer protection in Spain.