Maria Skivko

“Branding the City – Touring the Fashion”

The process of consumption is closely linked with the phenomenon of fashion, the process of fashion establishing and branding as well as with the fashion forecasting and representations. Inasmuch consumption can be considered in the framework of tourism  and… Read more

Maria obtained her Diploma in Sociology (with the focus on Sociology of Communication) in 2008 at the Samara State University in Russia (final research thesis on “Designing of consuming standards in men’- and women’- magazines”), her Master Degree (thesis on “Cultural consumption and event tourism in the contemporary city”) in 2009 in “Visual and Cultural Studies” at the European Humanities University, Vilnius (Lithuania). Since April 2012, Maria is a PhD-student at the Institute for European Urban Studies at the Bauhaus University, Weimar (Germany). Her research interests are in the fields of representations connecting the notions of fashion and the city and the problem of construction discourses, especially by the mass media.

Maria has been awarded with the “Touring Consumption Conference Grant“.