Melodena Balakrishnan

“Revitalizing forgotten place brands through TC. The case of The Old London Underground Company.”

Forgotten places tend to decay and die after long periods of time and the brands associated with the place may suffer the same fate if not resuscitated. The fact that consumption is cyclic, moving from the conceptual to physical and back to conceptual states suggests… Read more

Melodena has over 16 years of corporate and academic experience. She has a multicultural background having lived in India, USA, Taiwan and now UAE. Her corporate experience was in market potential estimation, market and product development and joint venture negotiations. Her area of strength is strategy. She is able to manage diverse stakeholder needs. In academia, she has been involved in strategic planning, accreditations, course development and industry outreach. Her areas of research are place branding, social entrepreneurship, crisis management and loyalty studies. She has won several competitive research grants and recognitions in these areas and published in the same. With the foundation and set-up of the Academy of International Business – MENA chapter (AIBMENA), she has contributed to the visibility of the region in education and research by the organization of 3 international conferences which brought together over 200 participants, produced 4 books, 35 teaching cases and 2 special academic journal issues. She has organized 7 workshops on research/case writing and publishing and 10 panels with industry, government and academic speakers. AIBMENA has been recognized by the Dubai Conventions Bureau as Brand Ambassadors for Dubai.