Sourav Kargupta

“Travelling Theories: Deconstruction at the Limit of Postcolonial Feminist Ethics”

When words or texts travel across languages, one calls that ‘translation’. But what happens when knowledge about specific objects, theoretical structures which might have flowed  from particular historical instances, travel to other territories? Can they then be applied to… Read more

Sourav Kargupta is advanced stage PhD student at the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences Calcutta (CSSSC), Jadavpur University, India. His dissertation is titled, “Precarious Objectifications: Ethics of Representation and the Figure of the Woman”. The work focuses on critical feminist theory and its intersections with the deconstructive critique of intentionality and decision. He has a MA degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, India. He has worked in the ‘VW-Project: Nationalist Ideology and the Historiography of Literature in South Asian Cultures’ at the Institute of South Asian Studies, Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany, funded by Volkswagenstiftung. His publications include: “Dineshchandra Sen’s The Folk Literature of Bengal: the canonisation of folk and the conception of the feminine”, in Literature and Nationalist Ideology: Writing Histories of Modern Indian Languages, Ed. Hans Harder.

Sourav has been awarded with the “Karlshochschule Mobilities Grant“.