Sybille Frank

“When ‘the rest’ consumes ‘the West': Indian Bollywood film tourists in Switzerland”

Until recently, tourist routes typically led from “the West” to “the rest” of the world (“the  West and the Rest”, cf. Stuart Hall). In the past years, however, the intensified circulation  of place images through global communication media have connected more and more  places with… Read more

Sybille Frank, Prof. Dr. phil., sociologist, holds a position as junior professor for Urban and Regional Sociology at the Institute for Sociology, Technical University Berlin. Her work focuses on urban sociology, on tourism and heritage studies, and on the sociology of space and place. Her recent books are: “Turn Over. Cultural Turns in Sociology” (2010, edited with Jochen Schwenk, Campus, in German) and “Stadium Worlds: Football, Space and the Built Environment” (2010, edited with Silke Steets, Architext Series, Routledge). Her doctoral dissertation “Competing for the best Wall Memorial: The Formation of a Heritage Industry at Berlin’s Checkpoint Charlie” (2009, Campus, in German) was awarded the interdisciplinary prize “Humanities International” in 2012. It will be published in English in 2014 (Routledge, forthcoming).