Ze’ev Shavit

“The Bourgeois Construction of the rural – an Isreali case”

The aim of this paper is to contextualize the commodification of the Israeli countryside¬† and its symbolic construction as collective place-making and thus, as a spatial dimension¬† in the construction of collective identity. The analysis of this process highlights the role of¬† the… Read more

Ze’ev Shavit obtained his B.A., M.A. and Ph. D. in Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently he is teaching Sociology at the Western Galilee College in the mixed town of Acre. Main areas of interest are the symbolic construction of places, places and collective identity, ethnic relations, and the social structure and social history of Israel. He co-edited a 2 volume anthology on the society in Israel (2001, 2003 in Hebrew) and a co-writer of four of its chapters, and a co-editor and contributor in a new Hebrew anthology going to be published on the same subject.