ON SITE: Welcome Words


It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you as our guest at Touring Consumption conference 2013. It has been almost a year now since we started this project. What an intense year it was! We have worked hard and we have agonized to come up with creative ideas that would make this conference a conference to remember. You, of course, play a major role in our vision to come true. Therefore, we want to thank you, thank you so much for taking an interest in Touring Consumption and for making an effort as big as you have done to bring in yourself, your ideas, your opinions and your expertise to expand the minds of your peers and us! We hope to be able to catch up on this energy over the days of the conference and to inspire as well as comfort you with what we have come up with ourselves.

First of all, you might notice a few things. You might notice that other than usual you are reading these words online on your mobile device, not from a sheet of paper. You might notice the TapeArt style way-finding system and decorations on the floors and walls. You might notice that all relevant information for this conference is available solely online. And you might, therefore and in addition, notice over the two+ days of the conference that we have taken the topic of mobility and touring quite literally.

We wish you a wonderful, inspiring and lively conference!

Your Conference Co-Chairs and the TC2013 Team @ Karlshochschule International University