Where to stay

We recommend the following accommodation facilities for your stay:

Partner hotels

Hotel Rio****
Price: approx. 94€ incl. breakfast
Hans-Sachs-Str. 2|76133 Karlsruhe|Phone: 0049(0)721-8408-0|                       Email: info@hotel-rio.de|www.hotel-rio.de|Walking map to Karlshochschule

Hotel Santo Karlsruhe****
Price: approx. 78€ incl. breakfast
Karlstr. 67-69|76137 Karlsruhe|Phone: 0049(0)721-3837-0|                     Email: info@hotel-santo.de|www.hotel-santo.de|Walking map to Karlshochschule


Alternative places to stay

Hotel ibis Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof
Poststr. 1|76137 Karlsruhe|Phone: 0049 (0)721/352320|Email: H6965@accor.com|

If you’re staying at this hotel, we recommend to use public transport departing in front of the main station (Hauptbahnhof) to get to Karlshochschule. Take tram 2 in the direction of Siemensallee or tram 4 in the direction of Waldstadt and get off at the Karlstor stop.

Bed & Breakfast Karlsruhe
Karlstr. 132a|76137 Karlsruhe|Phone: 0049 721 816479|                                                   Email: karl132a@gmail.com|                                                                                            www.bedandbreakfast-karlsruhe.de/bedandbreakfast_english.htm|                           Walking map to Karlshochschule

Youth hostel Karlsruhe (Website in German only – they do speak English, though)
Moltkestr. 24|76133 Karlsruhe|Phone: 0049 (0)721 28 248|                                                   Email: info@jugendherberge-karlsruhe.de|www.karlsruhe.jugendherberge-bw.de| Walking map to Karlshochschule


For further details about hotels and the city of Karlsruhe please visit: www.karlsruhe.de